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A “Good Address” is Half the Battle.

Domain names – usually “domains” for short – are indispensable in the virtual world of the Internet. Having a premium domain name on the net is almost as good as having a business address in reality. And, like here in the Internet, a “good address“ can make all the difference in the world.


With the worldwide growing range of products and services, the need, meaning and value of the corresponding domains steadily increases. As a result, good, memorable and meaningful domain names are always rare and are thus considerably more valuable.

Especially Coveted: So-called “Descriptive Domain Names”.

The more descriptive a domain name, the easier it will be found on the Internet. Descriptive domains like Aknehilfe.com, Aktuelle-Jobs.com, Heimjobs.net, RaumUndTextil.de, Seminarzentrum.org or Vitamin-Produkte.de are of great value to the domain owner because of the descriptive nature of the address.

The reason: approx. 10-15% of all search requests are not typed into a search engine, but rather as a hoped-for domain directly into the browser bar. The owner of such a domain has the best advantage over the competition – it literally opens the door to their website using a digital key.

For this reason, premium domains are often called “Virtual Real Estate and Building Plots“. Just like real estate or a building plot in a prime location, they are often wonderful investments.

Premium Domain Names: Virtual Real Estate and Building Plots in Prime Locations!

As for any other product, the price for premium domains is governed by the law of supply and demand. In other words, the better the “location” of your domain, the more it expresses what you have and what your customers are looking for – your domain becomes all the more valuable and expensive. This is investment that will pay out and offers the owner lots of advantages:

  • Standing out from the competition by the uniqueness of the domain name.
  • Branding effect (branding) increases customer confidence.
  • Lower advertising costs and higher efficiency with a high recognition value.
  • Increase in clicks and conversion rate with online campaigns (SEM).
  • Benefits of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Long-lasting appreciation of the domain, similar to valuable building plots.
  • Additional free visitor flow via type-ins.

Get Premium Domain Names With High Added Value!

The search for the perfect premium domain is very similar to the search for a lost treasure: Everybody wants it, but finding it is often difficult and full of pitfalls.

For personal or professional purposes or even as a premium investment: In our exclusive domain names offer, you will find a wealth of interesting premium domain names.