Special Offer on a Vast German and International Premium Internet Domain Names Portfolio.

We are offering a vast portfolio of high-quality German and international domain names as a carefully priced package deal. The calculated value of this portfolio amounts to 13.6 million EUR (approximately 15 million USD) and consists of nearly 1,000 first-class German and international domain names. This evaluation is based on the domain valuation platforms Adressio.de, Adresso.de and Estibot.com as well as a few selected personal assessments.

This portfolio can offer an enormous potential for increasing value and a high profit potential for competent investors, similar to an investment in highly valuable plots of land at prime locations. Premium domains can be easily considered “first-class virtual real estates and building plots” – a fantastic investment opportunity that is just as valuable as real estate and prime building sites.

Why German Internet Domain Names (.de) Are So Valuable – Compared To .com Domains They Are Nearly Of The Same Value.

In terms of worldwide gross domestic product, the German economy is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It goes without saying that Germany offers a very high location quality and international competitiveness.

.de domain names are ranked second compared to worldwide .com domains.

In the realm of domain names trade, the value of German domains is greatly underdeveloped as compared to English-language .com domains. Because of this, the chance to increase the value of .de domain names is enormous – much greater than the already existing and high-priced .com domains.