What we are looking for:

We want to sell our premium domain names at a premium price.

We own quite a bunch of premium domain names, please have a look here: Full list

Now we want to sell these domain names individually one by one, or maybe as a package or several smaller packages. Currently we want to start selling with two or three of the most valuable domains like “Y.De“, “Call.de” and “Guru.io“.

You won’t find “Y.De” in our above list. It is a very special kind of domain name, an exceptional rare “one letter” domain, extremely unique, and therefore of a very high value. More about this exceptional domain see here: Why Y.De?

Please follow these links to learn more about premium domain names and their values:

So what are we looking for? We are looking for someone with exceptional marketing and sales skills to help us to sell these domain names. There are three possibilities for you:

  1. Acting as a broker to sell the domain names directly to buyers.
  2. Finding a broker who’s able to sell the domain names to buyers.
  3. Helping us with exceptional marketing skills to go forward with selling of the domains.

Thank you!